Not forgotten

I know I haven’t posted here in an age… It’s not that I haven’t had plenty of draft posts racing through my mind; I just haven’t had time, inspiration, motivation and computer access concurrently.

So, what’s got me ranting at the moment? TTIP (which I don’t really understand, but part of that is because no one’s talking about it and it’s been snuck in by MPs without the people they’re meant to work for having it explained and that doesn’t seem right). Jeremy Clarkson – in the sense that everyone’s talking about him when there’s bigger fish to fry. He doesn’t matter (don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that bad role model is off the air, but he really doesn’t matter). Some family stuff I may share in a year or two when the dust has settled and with the consent of those involved (or at least, those related to me and involved). The need for more instersectional feminism.

What’s keeping me occupied? Busy new job and busy new life. Stories. Knitting. Musings on death and bereavement (it’s already a year since my great-aunt died; more like 2 since my brother-in-law). More stories. My other blog. OU. Aerial. Cat. Family. Friends.

Have you been up to anything interesting?



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