Yay for UK, Boo to Westminster

“English Votes on English Matters.”


It’s taken me a while to work out my visceral response to this – a vehement “NO” despite my Englishness – but I think I have it.

It’s to do with privilege.

I’m pleased Scotland voted against independence. I’m very much in favour of fewer borders, not more and keenly identify as British over English. That said, I very strongly understand where the desire for independence has come from: London is far removed from Scotland and London’s problems are not Scotland’s problems (let’s lay aside for now that the problems the current Government are trying to resolved are far removed from most British people – including Londoners – are experiencing. That’s a wealth-based privilege, enhanced by class, race and gender). I think it is a good thing that Scotland is getting more power to deal with Scottish problems and I hope likewise a similar expansion of power is extended to Wales and Northern Ireland.

So why do I not feel England should have this? In many ways, we already have the power: decisions are predominantly made by English MP’s and in England. In this scenario, we are the privileged group and should be prepared to give a little power away to give voice to those with less privilege.

I’m not wording this as well as I’d like. I know less about politics than I’d like. But I hope you can see what I’m trying to say here: that “English Votes on English Matters” will lead to a greater feeling of isolation by the other nations of the UK and ultimately benefit no one.


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