The Beginning

AgentFoxtrot by RoseHaving a blog is something I have intended for a while, so now that I am finally here I suppose I should introduce myself.

I am in my mid-to-late twenties and live in the UK with my boyfriend (“The Husbit”) and our Cat. This blog will be a soapbox for me to rant about the prejudice faced particularly by women and cyclists (as this permeates my day-to-day life), to let off steam about various things that irritatme and, hoepfully, to provide some entertain as I chronicle aspects of my life. Primarily, though, this is an excuse for me to get back in the habit of regular writing, as it’s something I enjoy.

I am a bookworm and a geek and hopefully will be able to share some of my loves here.

I have an elder half-sister, a younger sister and a younger brother (Agent Tango, Agent Echo and Agent Whisky). My elder sister has four sons and a new daughter, my younger sister is an army nurse and my younger brother is good at maths and computers and is in my fortnightly roleplay group.

My very best friends live 200miles away in the town where I went to uni. I miss them a lot during the year, but we normally manage to see them for New Year’s Eve at the very least.

Like many people, I am a mess of contradictions and things that can be true for me one day can change the next. I’m pretty sure all the things I’ve included above (except the time dependent things) are true on a steady basis.

My favourite colour is blue or purple, my favourite number is i or 23, I have a yellow belt in ju jitsu, eat meat and have lived with depression for as long as I can remember.

So that’s me, who are you?


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